A bag and a detailed view of Flamro loose fire resistant mineral wool.
Mineral fibre products

Loose fire resistant mineral wool

Loose fire resistant mineral wool (rock wool). Available in a 10 kg bag.

Areas of application

Loose fire resistant mineral wool is used for the fire-resistant plugging of joints in walls and floors as well as cavities and recesses in:

  • Cable penetration seals
  • Pipe penetration seals
  • Mixed penetration seals


  • Heat and sound-insulating
  • Resistant to ageing
  • Non-combustible
  • Quick and easy to install


Technical data sheets / Safety data sheets / Declaration of performance

Loose fire resistant mineral wool

Product information

Technical data


Scope of application

Application for sealing residual openings and annular gaps in all systems

AS quality

< 10

Area of application

Rock wool for plugging cavities and slots in cable, pipe and mixed penetration sealing systems as well as joints in walls and floors for fire protection purposes.

Short description of the article

Loose mineral wool for filling cavities and annular gaps. Heat and sound insulating, resistant to age, easy and quick to handle.


Store in a dry place.

Upper application temperature


Product name

Mineral fibre / wool

Melting point

> 1000

Silicone free

Manufactured without added silicone oil

Stuffing density

Upper application temperature 800 °C: approx. 150

Water vapor permeability µ



Container size


Packaging type


Packaging unit


Hydrophobicization (water absorption)

Water absorption

1 kg/m²

Comparison symbols

Thermal conductivity

Temperature [°C]

50 °C

Thermal conductivity

0.037 W/(m·K)

Temperature [°C]

100 °C

Thermal conductivity

0.044 W/(m·K)

Temperature [°C]

200 °C

Thermal conductivity

0,060 W/(m·K)

Temperature [°C]

300 °C

Thermal conductivity

0.080 W/(m·K)

Temperature [°C]

400 °C

Thermal conductivity

0.107 W/(m·K)

Temperature [°C]

450 °C

Thermal conductivity

0.123 W/(m·K)

Delivery and packaging

Mineral wool - 10 kg bag

Article number


Type of packaging


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