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Fire protection pillow systems: reusable penetration seals

Fire protection pillow systems consist of fire protection pillows made of non-combustible fabric and a granule or mineral wool filling. The pilllows resist thermal stress in case of a fire, thus effectively preventing the spread of fire and smoke. Pillow seals are a flexible and cost-effective alternative to other fire protection systems, as the pillows are reusable.

FLAMRO® penetration sealing systems with fire protection pillows

Several fire protection pillows of the System BK-N laid on top of each other seal a cable tray with various electrical cables in a wall penetration.

System BK-N

Pillow sealing system

For conversion or maintenance work, penetration seals with fire protection pillows are the first choice

Fire protection pillow seals are easy to install without tools and are primarily used to create temporary penetration seals. Unlike other fire protection solutions, fire protection pillows seals can be easily removed for renovation or maintenance work and subsequently reused. This makes them a cost-efficient and sustainable option. Additionally, pillow seals are also used for permanent penetration seals with a frequently changing cable configuration.

Why use pillow penetration seals from Flamro?

Penetration seals with fire protection pillows are simple and straightforward to construct. They are quick and easy to fit, making them ideal for use in a wide range of installation situations. The flexibility of Flamro fire protection pillows allows them to be perfectly adapted to the installations routed through the structural openings to be sealed.

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