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Fire protection pillows

Flamro fire protection pillows consist of a non-combustible glass fabric that is filled with high-quality mineral wool. They are suitable for fire sealing cable penetrations in walls and floors. Firestop pillows are suitable for universal use and are reusable. They are primarily used as a temporary seal, but can also be used as permanent cable penetration seals.

FLAMRO® firestop pillows

BK-N fire protection pillows from Flamro in various sizes.

BK-N fire protection pillows

Fire protection pillows

Areas of application: The flexible solution for temporary cable insulation

In case of fire, flames and smoke seek out even the smallest openings in order to reach adjoining rooms. This includes cable and pipe penetrations in the floors and walls of a building. Preventive fire protection solutions such as firestop pillows halt the spread of fire and create valuable time for people to get to safety. For this reason, flexible FLAMRO® fire protection pillows are used in both temporary and permanent cable penetration seals with frequently changing cable configurations. They are approved as a fire protection system by the building authorities.

Why use firestop pillows from Flamro?

Flamro fire protection pillows are lightweight, highly flexible, and can be removed and reused. They can easily be used as a retrofitting device and enable dust-free installation even in small openings. The separating penetration seal is impermeable to fire and fumes. Fire protection compounds can be used as a filler to make the seal impermeable to cold smoke.

Do you have questions about firestop pillows? We have the answers.

What is a fire protection pillow?

Fire protection pillows are oblong, pillow-like, sometimes malleable building products, that are used to seal structural openings, through which installations (cables and pipes) are routed to supply a building. The purpose of firestop pillows is to restore the fire resistance of wall or floor penetrations.

What is a fire protection pillow made of?

Fire protection pillows typically comprise a fabric and an inner filling that guarantees fire resistance. Depending on the type of filling, firestop pillow are malleable and can be adapted to the penetrating installations and the structural opening.

What different types of firestop pillows are there?

Various fill materials can be used in fire protection pillows. There are fillings consisting of granulate or mineral fibres as well as a mixture of the two.

How does a fire protection pillow work in case of a fire?

The fire protection pillow seal off the room and thus contribute to the containment of the fire in the affected fire compartment. Additionally, the transfer of heat via the installations (cables and pipes) is delayed, thus preventing the fire from spreading to other areas of the building. Depending on the type of filling used, firestop pillows can expand when exposed to heat.

How are fire protection pillows installed?

Fire protection pillows are inserted into the structural opening layer by layer. The combined use of different sizes allows for a good fit to the penetrating installations (cables and pipes) and therefore the creation of a tight seal.

Are penetration seals consisting of firestop pillows also suitable as temporary seals?

Due to their good processing properties, fire protection bags can be easily removed from structural openings and reused. They are therefore well-suited for creating temporary penetration seals during the shell construction phase. Their good processing properties allow for installations to be passed through retrospectively so that a penetration seal that was originally intended to be temporary can also permanently remain in the opening.

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