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Mortar penetration seals: long-term sealing with fire protection mortar

Mortar penetration seals (also known as hard seals) consist of a combination of cement and carefully selected fire protection additives. The mortar is inserted into openings in order to form a consistent, solid seal. Mortar penetration seals are exceptionally well-suited for installation situations that require a long-term and robust fire protection solution. The fire resistance duration of mortar seals can reach up to 240 minutes.

FLAMRO® firestop mortar penetration sealing systems

The Novasit BM mortar penetration sealing system is installed around various cables and pipes in a wall duct.

System Novasit BM

Mortar penetration seal

The System Novasit BM 240 firestop mortar sealing system seals various cable penetrations in a wall.

System Novasit BM 240

Mortar penetration seal

Mortar penetration seals impress with their strength and high fire resistance duration

Mortar penetration seals are specifically used in cable and pipe penetrations in order to prevent the spread of fire and smoke between the different fire compartments of a building. In particular in industrial plants, production facilities, power stations, buildings for heavy industry, substations, and nuclear installations where safety and protection against fire are the highest priority, mortar penetration seals are indispensable.

Why use mortar penetration seals from Flamro?

Flamro mortar penetration seals can be used to seal virtually all common installations with a wide range of diameters and/or insulation in solid walls and floors. Mortar seals are also suitable for use cases where there are various systems and ducts in walls or floors. Consequently, bulkheads made of fire protection mortar are very robust and are primarily used where there are high requirements in terms of fire resistance and stability.

Each FLAMRO® mortar penetration seal has been verified in accordance with the required test standards

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