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Fire protection systems for installation in sandwich panels

Sandwich elements consist of multilayer panels with an insulation core – usually mineral wool – between steel or aluminium facings. The modularity of sandwich structures allows for versatile use as well as quick and economically priced construction. As a result, sandwich panels are especially used in the construction of industrial and production halls. However, special requirements are placed on the penetration sealing systems used as their reaction to fire differs from plasterboard walls and solid walls.

Many of our soft penetration seal systems have been successfully tested for a fire resistance duration of up to 120 minutes for use in sandwich elements.

FLAMRO® penetration sealing systems for sandwich panels

System Flammotect 1 x 60 mm mineral fibre board seal installed around pipe and cable penetrations in a wall cross-section.

System Flammotect 1 x 60 mm

Mixed penetration seal

System Flammotect 2 x 50 mm mixed penetration sealing system seals cable and pipe penetrations in a wall segment.

System Flammotect 2 x 50 mm

Mixed penetration seal

System Flammotect 2 x 60 mm mineral fibre board sealing system installed around various pipelines and cables in a wall profile.

System Flammotect 2 x 60 mm

Mixed penetration seal

The pipe collar of the System AWM II attached to a pipe routed through a wall cross-section.

System AWM II

Pipe penetration seal

Areas of application for sandwich components

Sandwich panels play an important role in modern constructions, especially in industrial and commercial buildings where they are valued for their quick and easy processing. In storage facilities, sandwich elements contribute to effective heat insulation, while in cold stores they are crucial for energy efficiency. In residential construction, sandwich elements provide a quick and energy-efficient solution for façades and roofs. Their widespread application makes sandwich elements an indispensable component in the construction industry.

Why use Flamro for preventive fire protection in sandwich panels?

Depending on their dimensions, sandwich elements are energy-efficient as they provide good heat insulation, which leads to considerable savings in heating and cooling costs. In addition, the durability and low maintenance of sandwich elements guarantee a sustainable construction. With our successfully tested fire protection systems in sandwich elements, we fulfil the desire for increased safety in construction projects and provide an ideal solution that offers both flexible installation and fire protection.

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