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Small penetration seals: compact fire protection systems for small openings

To supply small rooms, small penetrations are usually created in which single lines or a small number of lines are installed.
Small penetration seals are compact fire protection systems that are designed to be quick and easy to construct. They prevent the spread of fire and smoke in case of a fire. By tailoring them to the requirements, small penetration seals can be flexibly used in a wide variety of areas where penetration sealing systems would be too large or impractical, e.g. in industrial buildings.

FLAMRO® firestop small penetration sealing systems

The Flammotect Easy Seal system is used to seal off cables in a wall cross-section.

System Flammotect Easy Seal

Cable sealing system

System DG-SC cable firestop seal installed around cable penetrations in an example section of wall with fire protection filler.

System DG-SC

Cable sealing system

The fire protection collar of the System AWM II KS was installed around a cable bundle in a wall duct.

System AWM II KS

Cable sealing system

The separable pipe shells of the System Cable Tube surround various electrical lines in an example section of wall.

System Cable Tube

Cable tube sealing system

The pipe half-shells of the System Cable Tube ML secure various cables underneath raised floors.

System Cable Tube ML

Cable tube sealing system

Application range of small penetration seals

Small penetration seals are designed for fire sealing smaller penetrations that are needed for cables, pipes, or smaller lines. Small penetration sealing systems are primarily used in areas with many small penetrations, such as along corridors.

Why use small penetration seals from Flamro?

Small penetration seals are quick and easy to install. They often only consist of a single fire protection product, meaning they are flexible in their application. Small penetration seals are generally easy to retrofit. Retrospective changes in a building that require additional lines can therefore be implemented without a problem.

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