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Fire protection cable tubes & fire protection cable boxes

Fire protection tubes and fire protection boxes are used for the fire and smoke-proof sealing of cables, cable bundles, and electrical installation conduits. The PVC cable tube or cable box is lined with an intumescent inlay. This inlay expands in case of fire and completely seals the fire protection tube.

FLAMRO® firestop tubes & boxes

Several fire resistant Cable Tube CT tubes from Flamro.

Cable Tube CT

Fire protection cable tubes & boxes

A Cable Tube ML fire stop cable tube from Flamro.

Cable Tube ML

Fire protection cable tubes & boxes

Areas of application: Fire seals for cable penetrations in buildings

Products such as fire protection tubes and boxes are invaluable in preventive structural fire protection. They are mainly used as a penetration sealing solution for electrical cables and wires. The FLAMRO® cable tube is a particularly easy-to-install penetration seal consisting of two pipe half-shells with an inner lining of fire protection fabric. The round cable box allows for 100% occupancy and is ideal for planning with BIM.

Why use fire protection tubes & fire protection boxes from Flamro?

Round cable boxes or cable tubes from Flamro are available in various diameters and lengths according to your needs. The separable housing of the FLAMRO® cable tube also enables installation around existing lines. Individual and group arrangements are possible. In the event of an emergency, a round FLAMRO® fire protection box remains fire-resistant for up to 120 minutes. Naturally, it can also be used as a retrofitting device in mortar seals or soft penetration seals.

Do you have questions about fire protection tubes & boxes? We have the answers.

What is a fire protection cable tube or cable box?

A fire protection cable tube or box is a pre-assembled, square or round structure with a fire retardant effect that is inserted into walls or floors. Cables and other services can be passed through this structure and are thus sealed against fire. The fire retardant effect of the structure is achieved by an inner lining of intumescent material that expands in case of fire and seals the opening of the structure.

How do fire protection cable tube work?

The cable tube has an inner lining made of fire protection material that expands when it is exposed to heat and thus seals the opening. It is therefore sealed against the passage of fire and heat. The openings of the tube are sealed against the passage of cold smoke by means of a soft foam plug and a sealing compound, for example.

What fire resistance do fire protection cable tubes and boxes have?

Cable tubes and cable boxes are available in different lengths for low (30 minutes) to very high fire resistance requirements (120 minutes).

Where is a fire protection cable tube and cable box used?

Fire protection cable tubes and boxes are typically used for electrical lines in single penetrations through walls or floors. Furthermore, the tubes and boxes are often also installed as a blank seal that is intended for future penetrations or retrofits.

What materials are fire protection cable tubes made of?

The fire protection cable tube consists of a housing, an intumescent inlay, and sealing plugs.

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