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Fire protection solutions for service shaft walls

Buildings today are much more than just enclosed space surrounded by walls: they are veined and webbed with a wide variety of installations that not only run from room to room, but also from floor to floor.

This makes it all the more important to install fire protection in service shafts in which a wide variety of densely configured, vertically running lines can be housed together in a space-saving and cost-effective manner. Without comprehensive fire protection, a fire can spread unimpeded and reach every floor of the building in no time.

This is why the implementation of fire preventive systems for installation shaft walls should be approached with caution and certified solutions should be used.

We have years of experience in this highly complex area and have developed shaft wall solutions that not only satisfy the regulations but, in particular, also combine easy installation and efficiency.

FLAMRO® penetration sealing systems for service shafts

System Flammotect OSI

Mixed penetration seal

System DG-SC cable firestop seal installed around cable penetrations in an example section of wall with fire protection filler.

System DG-SC

Cable sealing system

Cross-section of an installation shaft with integrated fire protection seals.

Securing shaft walls against fire

Service shafts in buildings are usually made of metal stud walls with panelling on one side. They are therefore thinner and considerably more critical than conventional lightweight stud wall constructions with panelling on both sides. As most fire-resistant penetration seals are tested for building elements with a minimum thickness of 100 mm, the installation of such fire protection solutions in shaft walls is not permitted without additional verifications.

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