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Fire protection for cables and cable trays: effective measures to prevent cable fires

Cable systems are found in all buildings nowadays: from industrial plants via power stations to office buildings. The large number of cable support systems run concealed in cable tunnels behind wall and floor coverings.

Electrical lines can ignite themselves due to overheating or a short-circuit or they can be set alight by the external influence of fire or heat. The mostly combustible cable sheaths and insulation allow a fire to spread along the cable at rapid speed.

Our tested solutions for cable fire protection can delay the spread of fire in order to minimise the damage sustained.

FLAMRO® firestop applications for cables and cable trays

The fire protection coating FLAMMOTECT-A cable coating is applied to several cable trays.

FLAMMOTECT-A cable coating

Fire protection cable installations

The fire protection tape of the System DG-CR 0.7 is wrapped around cable bundles along walls and cable trays.

System DG-CR 0.7

Fire protection cable installations

Fire protection solutions to protect cable systems: protection tailored to your requirements

Effective protection of cable systems around the world: our tried-and-tested FLAMMOTECT-A and DG-CR 0.7 products are successfully used to protect cables in high-rise buildings, industrial buildings, and offshore facilities as well as in sensitive areas, such as hospitals, airports, production facilities, power stations, and substation or nuclear facilities. FLAMMOTECT-A fire protection coating and DG-CR 0.7 fire protection tape are highly resistant and form a reliable protective shield around the cable. In addition to fire protection, these solutions enhance the resistance of cables to environmental influences, such as UV radiation, salt water, oil, and other chemicals.

Benefits of all-round fire protection solutions for cables and cable trays

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Effective inhibition of flame propagation

Our solutions are designed to prevent flame propagation and enable speedy fire-fighting operations.

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Functional integrity of cables during a fire

Our cable fire protection solutions ensure that cables remain functional even in case of fire, enabling reliable power supply and communication.

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Protection against external influences

Our products provide a robust shield that protects cables from environmental influences, such as moisture, dust, UV radiation, and chemicals.

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Wide range of applications

Our fire protection solutions for cables are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are used in (nuclear) power plants, substations, production facilities, industrial plants, infrastructure, and public buildings.

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Safe and reliable

With our fire protection for cable systems, we ensure that your lines meet the highest safety standards and are reliably protected in the event of an emergency.

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