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Sealing coaxial cables & waveguides with Flamro

Coaxial cables and waveguides are found in a great number of new and existing buildings nowadays. An existing coaxial cable on site presents installers with the challenge of selecting suitable fire-resistant penetration sealing systems. Because coaxial and wave guide cables are (sometimes) hollow inside, they can increase the risk of fire propagation. Due to the higher risk, they are not automatically included in fire protection certificates and require additional testing.

For file sealing coaxial cables and waveguide cables, Flamro offers you tested penetration sealing systems to appropriately deal with different construction situations. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your regional contact partners for preventive fire protection at any time. We will help you with the selection!

FLAMRO® penetration sealing systems for coaxial cables & waveguides

System DG-SC cable firestop seal installed around cable penetrations in an example section of wall with fire protection filler.

System DG-SC

Cable sealing system

The separable pipe shells of the System Cable Tube surround various electrical lines in an example section of wall.

System Cable Tube

Cable tube sealing system

The Novasit BM mortar penetration sealing system is installed around various cables and pipes in a wall duct.

System Novasit BM

Mortar penetration seal

The Flammotect Easy Seal system is used to seal off cables in a wall cross-section.

System Flammotect Easy Seal

Cable sealing system

System Flammotect 1 x 60 mm mineral fibre board seal installed around pipe and cable penetrations in a wall cross-section.

System Flammotect 1 x 60 mm

Mixed penetration seal

System Flammotect 2 x 50 mm mixed penetration sealing system seals cable and pipe penetrations in a wall segment.

System Flammotect 2 x 50 mm

Mixed penetration seal

System Flammotect 2 x 60 mm mineral fibre board sealing system installed around various pipelines and cables in a wall profile.

System Flammotect 2 x 60 mm

Mixed penetration seal

Useful information about coaxial cable fire protection

A coaxial cable is used for high-frequency broadband signal transmission, such as in buildings that are used by the fire department and police as well as hospitals.

Coaxial and wave guide cables consist of an inner and an outer conductor. Wave guide cables are similar to coaxial cables but with the special characteristic that both conductors are hollow (i.e. only filled with air). Coaxial cables typically have a polyethylene foam dielectric between the inner and outer conductors.

FLAMRO® penetration sealing systems: certified special solutions for coaxial & waveguide cables

The Novasit BM, Flammotect, and Cable Tube penetration sealing systems are among our standard solutions consisting of tested fire protection products and systems for passive structural fire protection. Despite the special requirements that the correct fire sealing of coaxial and wave guide cables entails, the systems offered by Flamro are well suited for this purpose.

The most common coaxial cable diameters that installers will encounter on building sites are 1/2″ (12.7 mm) and 7/8″ (22.2 mm). They can be sealed as configuration variants in our Novasit COMBI 90 and Flammotect COMBI 90 penetration sealing systems. In the Flammotect COMBI 90 fire protection system, coaxial cables with various diameters are already included in the scope of application and listed in the installation manual accordingly.

Do you have questions on penetration sealing systems for coaxial cables and waveguides? Please contact us.

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