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Solutions for structural fire protection

Acraftsman installs a fire penetration selas out of mineral fibre boards.

In construction projects, a wide variety of openings and penetrations in building components and a multitude of line types – be it pipes or electrical cables – have their own requirements for preventive fire protection. This is why Flamro offers a comprehensive range of fire protection solutions that are specially tailored to a wide variety of applications. We have the right passive fire protection solution for every challenge on the construction site.

Fire protection solutions for every use case in a construction project

Abschottungssystem für Rohre und Kabel in einer Holzwand installiert.

Fire protection in timber constructions

Aufbau von Klima-Split-Leitungskombinationen mit isolierten Kupferrohren, Kondensatrohr und Begleitkabel

Fire protection of HVAC split lines of air conditioning units

Coaxial cable in a cross-sectional representation.

Fire protection for coaxial cables & waveguides

Abschottungssystem für Elektroleitungen und Rohren in einer Wanddurchführung installiert.

Fire protection & sound insulation

Sealing of various pipe and cable lines within a sandwich panel wall.

Fire protection systems for installation in sandwich panels

Rohrleitungen aus einem Installationsschacht sind feuertechnisch gesichert in der Wand eingebaut.

Fire protection solutions for service shaft walls

UL/ASTM-certified fire protection sealing systems

FLAMRO® Product Guide

In just a few clicks, you will quickly find the best passive fire protection solution for your construction project.

FLAMRO® Material & Cost Calculation

Provide just a few details to find out what material quantities you need to install a FLAMRO® penetration sealing system.

The Flamro fire protection product portfolio.

Fire protection products & applications

Whether cable and pipe penetration seals, fire protection ducts, or cable bandages and coatings – Flamro is your specialist for preventive structural fire protection.

An employee with a headset gives advice on Flamro fire protection products.

Technical support

Our know-how for your construction project: we will advise you on our fire protection solutions and your planning and design matters.

Ein Handwerker installiert Schritt für Schritt eine Abschottung in einer Wanddurchführung.

Installation videos

Learn from our experts! Our instructional videos will show you how you can achieve the best installation result with our fire protection solutions step-by-step.