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Fire protection coatings

The purpose of fire protection coating is to protect building elements, installations, and materials from direct flame attack in order to improve the reaction to fire of combustible materials and prevent or slow down the spread of fire. Another key aspect is its insulating properties, which offer protection against the heat of a fire. Penetrating heat can result in the loss of load-bearing capacity or trigger secondary fires when it is conveyed to other protection zones via materials with high thermal conductivity.

Flamro offers you tested ablation coatings and intumescent fire protection coatings for use in various fire protection systems. The coating systems are produced in different viscosities and can be obtained as a fire protection paint or fire protection filler.

FLAMRO® firestop coatings

Flammotect-A - fire protection paint, fire protection filler, and solid fire protection emulsion from Flamro.

FLAMMOTECT-A fire protection paint

Fire protection coating

A cartridge of DG-SC fire protection putty from Flamro.

DG-SC fire protection putty

Fire protection coating

Areas of application: Fire protection sleeves for sealing off a wide range of pipes

FLAMRO® fire protection coatings can be used in penetration sealing systems to protect cables and cable systems or to seal fire protection joints. In order to apply a fire protection coating using a brush/roller or a spraying method, the appropriate product variant must be selected. If the application of filler is more suitable for a particular use, the corresponding higher-viscosity fire protection compound must be used.

Why use fire protection coatings from Flamro?

FLAMRO® fire protection coatings comply with the requirements of building authorities and, in some cases, have been tried and tested for decades. They were specially developed for application on plastics on cable sheaths, building elements, and insulation with easy processing. The coatings do not lead to the accelerated ageing of plastics. The coating is often required to be resistant to particular environmental conditions. With our large product portfolio, you will find the right product for every need.

Do you have questions about fire protection coatings? We have the answers.

For how long do fire protection coatings offer protection?

The fire resistance duration varies depending on the version that is implemented. If fire resistance is only required for 30 or 60 minutes, a single layer of coated mineral fibre boards is usually sufficient, while two layers are generally needed for a fire resistance duration of 90 minutes. If used as a cable coating, the protection time achieved depends on the dry film thickness of the applied coating material and the required protection goal.

Fire protection paint or fire protection filler – when do I use which?

Fire protection paint is especially suitable for large-surface coatings, e.g. on the surface of a seal or for coating electrical lines. On the other hand, thicker fire protection fillers are used for sealing annular gaps and openings around services. Fire protection filler can also be used for adhering fire protection boards in structural openings.

What is the difference between ablative & intumescent fire protection coatings?

These are two different working principles. Ablative means that the fire protection coating has a cooling effect. It contains crystalline-bonded water that evaporates when exposed to heat and thus cools the coated surface. This delays an increase in temperature due to the fire. Intumescent means that the coating expands due to the expandable graphite it contains, thus forming a heat-insulating layer of foam that reduces the impact of heat on the protected medium.

What fields of application are fire protection coatings used for?

Fire protection coatings have diverse fields of application. They are most commonly used for coating the surface of fire-resistant penetration seals or for sealing annular gaps. Furthermore, fire protection coatings are used for fireproofing entire cable systems in order to prevent the spread of fire via these systems. Fire protection coatings are also used to seal structural joints against the passage of smoke and fire.

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