The pipe half-shells of the System Cable Tube ML secure various cables underneath raised floors.
Cable tube sealing system

System Cable Tube ML

The System Cable Tube ML is suitable as a penetration seal for electrical, IT and telecommunications cables for installation underneath raised floors. The innovative half-shell design enables easy installation, including around existing lines. Fire-resistant up to max. 120 minutes.

Areas of application

Penetration sealing system for cables and electrical lines of all types in:

  • Plasterboard walls
  • Solid walls
  • Underneath raised floors, in raised floors, and under fire protection doors


  • Developed for installation underneath raised floors and in raised floors
  • Installation of cable tubes directly on the unfinished floor
  • 100% occupation of the cable box possible
  • Zero clearance between one another and to the side edge of the aperture

Fire resistance class

Max. EI 120 acc. to EN 13501-2


ETA-22/0053: 3/27/22


  • Easy installation and retrofitting
  • Half-shell for one-sided installation
  • Can also be fitted around already laid installations

Installation video: System Cable Tube ML

The System Cable Tube ML is a fire protection penetration sealing system designed for insulating cables of any type routed beneath system floors. Once the Cable Tube ML fire protection tube is inserted, the penetration area is sealed with NOVASIT BM fire protection compound. In the last step, the sealing plug is trimmed to size and sealed with fire protection filler FLAMMOTECT-A. The system Cable Tube ML meets the fire resistance requirements of up to class EI 120 as defined in standard EN 13501-2.

System Cable Tube ML

System information

Technical data

Thickness of building element

Building element

Plasterboard wall, solid wall

Thickness of building element

≥ 100 mm

Maximum penetration seal size - wall (W x H)

Building element

Plasterboard wall, solid wall


2000 mm


150 mm

Penetration seal thickness

Building element

Plasterboard wall, solid wall


≥ 200 mm

Data line

Electrical installation conduits, single Ø

Single Ø

≤ 32 mm

Cable Ø

≤ 21 mm

Cable Ø

Diameter Ø

≤ 50 mm

Required products

Cable Tube ML - Ø 120 mm length 200 mm

Article number


GFM - Fire protection mortar, 25 kg bag

Article number


FLAMMOTECT-A - Filler, 12.5 kg

Article number


FLAMMOTECT-A - Filler, 310 ml

Article number


Mineral wool - 10 kg bag

Article number


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