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Fire protection systems for the individual sealing of pipe or cable penetrations

Single penetration seals are often required in buildings to establish preventive structural fire protection. They ensure that openings in walls or floors for feeding through cables or combustible and non-combustible pipes can be sealed so that the fire resistance of the building element is restored. Without fire protection measures in the area of separating elements, fire and smoke can spread unimpeded in case of fire.

FLAMRO® firestop single penetration sealing systems

The fireproof wrap of the System NBR-plus used for the fire sealing of various pipelines in a wall cross-section.

System NBR-plus

Pipe penetration seal

The pipe collar of the System AWM II attached to a pipe routed through a wall cross-section.

System AWM II

Pipe penetration seal

The collar of the EC Endless Collar system installed to seal a pipe in a wall cross-section.

System EC Endless Collar

Pipe penetration seal

System KSL-W

Pipe penetration seal

The collar of the FSC 4 system used for the fire sealing of a pipe in a wall penetration.

System FSC 4

Pipe penetration seal

The Flammotect Easy Seal system is used to seal off cables in a wall cross-section.

System Flammotect Easy Seal

Cable sealing system

System DG-SC cable firestop seal installed around cable penetrations in an example section of wall with fire protection filler.

System DG-SC

Cable sealing system

The separable pipe shells of the System Cable Tube surround various electrical lines in an example section of wall.

System Cable Tube

Cable tube sealing system

The pipe half-shells of the System Cable Tube ML secure various cables underneath raised floors.

System Cable Tube ML

Cable tube sealing system

Single penetration seals: securing individual cable or pipe ducts for fire protection

Individual cables or pipelines are often fed through fire-resistant walls or floors in order to supply small rooms in buildings. Single penetration seals are optimised for this purpose and are a cost-effective, quick, and secure way to ensure that a fire is contained and cannot spread throughout the entire building.

Why use single penetration seals from Flamro?

Whether you are looking for a single penetration seal for pipes or cables, Flamro has a suitable system to meet the fire resistance requirements for every application. Single fire protection sealing systems have been tested for installation in all common building elements according to various standards. Depending on the on-site installation conditions, you can choose between various systems to properly seal pipelines and cable penetrations.

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