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UL/ASTM-certified fire protection sealing systems

Flamro has had a series of penetration sealing systems and joint seals tested for fire safety by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), an independent, globally recognised testing and certification organisation – with success. The tests were conducted according to standard UL 1479 / ASTM E814 for penetrations and according to UL 2079 / ASTM E1966 for joints. These standards specify the appropriate test methods and define the safety requirements that apply for sealing penetrations and joints. They not only comply with the strict regulations that specially apply for passive fire protection solutions, but also fulfil other requirements: for example, their weather-resistant, chemical-resistant, and sound-insulating properties have been certified by independent, accredited materials testing institutes. A vast number of fire seals for cables and pipes have already been tested and approved.

UL/ASTM-certified fire protection penetration sealing systems and joint seals

Why use UL/ASTM-certified products from Flamro?

UL certifications for passive fire protection confirm that these products and systems have undergone rigorous safety tests and deliver the expected performance during a fire. They are crucial for architects, building contractors, building owners, and fire protection officers in order to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations and enhance building safety.

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