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Fire protection systems for joints

An effective fire protection system is a vital component of building safety. Flamro fire protection systems for joint sealing consist of optimally coordinated fire protection products that inhibit the spread of smoke and flames in case of fire. Different systems and design variants ensure a practical application for a wide-range of installation situations.

FLAMRO® firestop systems for joint sealing

System Flammotect Joint Seal

Fire protection joints

The System AC Putty joint seal used for the fire sealing of a floor joint and a wall joint.

System AC Putty

Fire protection joints

Seal structural joints for fire protection

Without appropriate fire-retardant measures, structural joints in walls and floors quickly become a safety risk as they give toxic smoke and flames an opportunity to spread to adjoining rooms. Fire protection systems for joint sealing are therefore an essential solution for optimal fire protection in buildings of all classes. Depending on the application, the fire protection products are suitable for joint seals in both walls and floors.

Why use firestop joint seals from Flamro?

Flamro joint sealing systems can be used for a wide variety of applications. The various practical design variants ensure easy installation in compliance with regulations. Designs include, for example, the insertion of a fire protection cord into the joint, straightforward sealing with ablative fire protection filler, or the single-sided application of a lamella mat with an additional coating.

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