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Fire protection collars

Fire protection collars are used for fire sealing combustible supply and waste lines as well as combustible electrical installation conduits. Fire protection collars consist of a sheet metal housing with an inlay of intumescent material. In case of fire, this expanding building material reacts with high expansion pressure and permanently seals the structural opening against the passage of fire and smoke. Flamro offers you individual fire protection collars or a complete set for different fields of application and pipe penetrations.

FLAMRO® firestop collars

An AWM II firestop pipe collar from Flamro.

AWM II firestop pipe collar

Fire protection collars

An FSC 4 fire protection collar for plastic pipes.

FSC 4 fire protection collar

Fire protection collars

A firestop collar EC Endless collar form Flamro.

EC Endless Collar firestop collar

Fire protection collars

Areas of application: Fire protection sleeves for sealing off a wide range of pipes

A fire protection collar is assembled as a pipe cover around the pipe in front of the separating element and thus prevents the spread of toxic smoke and flames to adjoining parts of the building in case of fire. Fire protection collars are suitable for sealing plastic pipes, such as PE, PP, and PVC pipes as well as (special) pipes from manufacturers such as Geberit, Poloplast, Wavin, Rehau, etc. Fire protection collars are used in plasterboard walls, solid walls, solid floors, timber building elements, and our mixed penetration seals.

Why use fire protection collars from Flamro?

FLAMRO® fire protection collars offer simple but effective fire protection for combustible pipes that are routed through walls and floors. Under thermal influence, the intumescent fire protection fabric of the collar begins to expand with a high expansion pressure. This prevents the spread of fire to other parts of the building.

Do you have questions about fire protection collars? We have the answers.

How does a fire protection collar work?

A fire protection collar consists of an intumescent material inserted into a metal housing. The collar, which is installed around a combustible pipe, expands in case of fire and seals the opening left behind by the melting pipe, thus preventing the passage of fire and smoke.

In which cases are fire protection collars used?

Fire protection collars are used as an additional pipe cover to seal combustible pipelines in walls and floors.

What different types of fire protection collar are there?

First of all, there are dimension-specific fire protection collars. They are pre-assembled and are suitable for the respective diameter of the pipe. Endless collars are another variant. They are cut to length on site for the respective pipe. Both types of collar are assembled externally on the wall (external wall collars). Furthermore, there are fire protection wraps that are installed within the structural opening (internal wall collars).

How are fire protection collars installed?

Attached fire protection collars are installed on both sides of the pipe to be sealed in walls and usually only on the underside in floors. The collars are attached to the surrounding building element by means of non-combustible fastening devices.

What materials are fire protection collars made of?

A fire protection collar consists of an intumescent building material that is inserted into a metal housing and placed around the pipe to be sealed.

What needs to be considered when installing fire protection collars?

It is important to ensure that a collar that is suitable for the pipe diameter is used. Furthermore, it is essential that the installation guidelines described in the approval for use and the manufacturer’s installation manual are followed. These describe the permitted pipe types, diameters, and arrangements.

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