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Fire protection mortars

Penetration seals with fire protection mortar prevent the spread of fire from one fire compartment to the next. FLAMRO® mortar seals can be used to seal virtually all customary media with a wide range of diameters and/or insulation in solid walls and floors. Electrical cables can be sealed with fire protection mortar in compliance with regulations, even in plasterboard walls. Annular gaps around fire dampers or pipelines are sealed with fire protection mortar.

Mortar seals are also suitable in locations where there are various systems and penetrations in walls or floors. Fire protection mortar is therefore a versatile and reliable material for improving safety in buildings and containing the spread of fire.

FLAMRO® firestop mortar

Five packs and a pail of NOVASIT BM firestop compound from Flamro.

NOVASIT BM Firestop Compound

Fire protection mortar

Two packs of GFM fire resistant mortar from Flamro.

GFM fire resistant mortar

Fire protection mortar


Fire protection mortar

Areas of application: Fire protection mortar for sealing off cables and pipes, fire dampers and ventilation ducts

Fire protection mortar is used to seal openings in floors and walls, such as in cable, pipe, and combination penetration seals. It is also used to seal fire dampers and ventilation ducts.

Why use fire protection mortar from flamro?

The great number of electrical cables and pipelines that run through a building results in open penetrations that also pass through fire protection walls or floors and pose a high risk of spreading fire and smoke. With FLAMRO® firestop mortar, these openings are securely sealed for a fire resistance duration of up to 240 minutes. Mortar seals can also be created in openings where various cables and pipelines are routed through the wall or floor.

Do you have questions about fire protection mortar? We have the answers.

How do I create a mortar seal?

To create a mortar seal, the fire protection mortar is mixed with water and inserted into the opening to be sealed without voids (by hand or pump). In so doing, attention must be given to the type of lines fed through in order to install the penetration seal in compliance with regulations. Additional fire protection products, such as fire protection wraps or collars, may have to be fitted on the installed services. In many cases, additional formwork is not needed thanks to the particularly high adhesive strength of our mortars. The mortar can be smoothed out using standard trowels for a visually appealing appearance. An identification label must then be permanently affixed to the penetration seal.

What penetrations can be fire sealed with fire protection mortar?

NOVASIT BM fire protection mortar from Flamro is suitable for all customary services for electrical and pipe installations. In the process, the various lines can be sealed in a common opening. GFM fire resistant mortar, a standard masonry mortar, is used for sealing the annular gap around pipes, fire dampers, or for mortaring fire protection doors.

What fields of application is fire protection mortar used for?

Fire protection mortars are used to create cable, pipe, and mixed penetration seals as well as to seal openings around fire dampers or fire protection doors.

What benefits do mortar penetration seals/hard seals offer?

Mortar penetration seals provide highly effective fire protection and are suitable for a wide variety of different services in a mixed configuration. Using mortar eliminates the need to laboriously cut fitting pieces to size, resulting in particularly easy and time-efficient processing, especially in the case of irregular openings or very dense configurations.

What fire resistance duration does Flamro fire protection mortar have?

Flamro fire protection mortar can be used for penetration seals with a fire resistance duration of 30 to 240 minutes.

How is fire protection mortar processed?

Just like standard mortar, fire protection mortar is mixed with water. The special mortar can then be inserted into the opening either by hand or using a pump and smoothed with a trowel. In many cases, formwork is not needed thanks to the high adhesive strength and stability of Flamro fire protection mortar.

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