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When it comes to ensuring safety in the event of a fire, Flamro will excel as your knowledgeable specialist: We boast decades of experience in developing and manufacturing flexible fire safety solutions that protect buildings – and the people inside them. Our extended range of fire protection solutions helps not only in limiting damage to property, but it also prevents operational breakdowns, wards off environmental damage and saves lives. This all-round approach makes us a trusted and trustworthy full-service provider of passive fire protection products and fire protection systems – worldwide.

Our decades-spanning experience and solidly built expertise enables us to take on and tackle any project challenge: Each and every client can rest assured that they will receive just the right fire protection solution for their specific needs. Not only do we know our broad range of products and their performance properties back to front, but we also attach great importance to delivering bespoke consultancy services – regardless of whether a client is looking for an integrated end-to-end solution, a serially manufactured standard item, or a custom one-off unit.

In a nutshell: We are well-equipped to meet even the most complex of requirements and will provide you, too, with the single best fire protection solution to fit all your needs.

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Fire Protection Solutions: Added Safety by Design

Flamro’s wide array of preventive fire protection products and systems is designed to protect what matters. Our range stretches from firestop pipe collars (designed to protect structural through-penetration systems) and fire protection wrap / bandage strips all the way to fire protection coatings, solid emulsions and fillers.

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Innovation … by Tradition

Innovation is a matter of tradition at Flamro Brandschutz-Systeme GmbH because progress never sleeps and the ever emerging requirements in preventive fire protection keep calling for new solutions. So we at Flamro are consistently committed to further evolving our range of fire protection systems – with extensive research as the key to ongoing innovation.

Based on the insights derived from such research, our technology team develops new FLAMRO® products and systems that are then required to prove their worth in rigorous large-scale fire safety tests. As our clients‘ day-to-day practical work needs and challenges are the focal point of our approach, we also pay attention to ensuring optimum product versatility and ease of use.

By consistently blending spot-on research with hands-on development, we take the state of the art in fire safety to the next level and keep its future in “forward-looking” motion. It is, therefore, for good reason that we rank among the major manufacturers in the field of passive structural fire protection.

Strong on our own – stronger together

Since 2018, we have been a member of the svt Group, an accomplished corporation having made an excellent name for itself as a leading “one-stop” provider of preventative fire protection and damage restoration solutions. Thanks to the wise pooling of products, systems and materials from four seasoned manufacturers (i.e. svt, Rolf Kuhn, AIK, DDL, Odice and Securo), svt Group boasts Europe’s largest and most diversified portfolio of state-of-the-art fire protection products and applications designed for use in structural engineering (including industrial buildings and platforms), infrastructure, energy, aviation, ships, rolling stock, fire protection doors and e-mobility environments (batteries). The synergies derived from this alliance inure to the benefit of all stakeholders and serves, not least, our customers because they can expect an unparalleled range of technologically and economically mature products, systems and services from one source.

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