Cartridge AC Putty fire protection sealing compound by Flamro.
Fire protection sealants

AC Putty

The pasty, putty-like, foaming building material expands without expansion pressure from a temperature of approx. 200 °C and has a mainly flat direction of expansion.

Use: The intumenscent putty AC Putty is used to seal construction joints, gaps, and interstices in pipe and cable penetration seals.

Areas of application

AC Putty is suitable as intumescent putty for:

  • Fire protection windows and doors
  • Expansion joints
  • Pipe and cable ducts


  • Good adhesion to various base materials
  • Can be applied directly from the cartridge
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be coated over

Used for system


  • Halogen-free, foaming acrylate-based building material
  • Building material class B2 (normally flammable) according to DIN 4102-1
AC Putty

Product information

Technical data


Area of application

Fire-rated windows and doors, expansion joints, pipe and cable penetrations

Expanding body

stable mass


Originally sealed cartridges can be stored for 18 months from the date of filling.

Short description of the article

Putty-/paste-like expanding building material that expands without pressure from a temperature of approx. 200.0 °C and has a mainly two-dimensional direction of action.


Dry between +10 °C and +30 °C

Material structure

Putty-like building material

Product name


Safety instructions

For further safety instructions, please read the safety data sheet.

Processing type

Apply with standard cartridge mastic guns or spatula.

Direction of effect



Halogen-free expanding building material based on acrylate.

Bulk density

1360 - 1840

Expansion rate [x times]

1.9 to (400 °C; 30 min; with superimposed load

Reaction temperature

Temperature [°C]

200 °C

Comparison symbols

ab ca.

Delivery and packaging


Material structure

Putty-like building material

AC Putty - 310 ml, cartridge

Article number


Type of packaging


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