A cartridge of DG-SC fire protection putty from Flamro.
Fire protection coatings

DG-SC fire protection putty

DG-SC fire protection putty is suitable for universal use. Under thermal influence, the filler becomes intumescent and forms a solid, heat-insulating foam body.

Use: The fire protection putty is used for sealing electrical installations and pipelines. The putty can also be used as an annular gap seal around single-cable and single-pipe ducts.

Areas of application

DG-SC fire protection putty is used in plasterboard walls, solid walls, and solid floors. It is suitable as a fire retardant filler for:

  • Sealing cables
  • Sealing pipelines


  • Resistant to moisture, weathering, and UV radiation
  • Suitable as an annular gap seal around single-cable and single-pipe ducts according to (M)LAR (German guidelines on pipe installations)

Used for system

ETA Standard:

System DG-SC


  • Has no effect on other building materials such as polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in accordance with EOTA TR 024
  • Can be coated over with approved paints based on acrylic dispersion, alkyd resin, polyurethane acrylic, and epoxy resin in accordance with EOTA TR 024
  • Flexible
DG-SC fire protection putty

Product information

Technical data


Resistance of the processed product

Against contact with solvents and subsequently applied coatings. Against constant moisture.

Expansion pressure

1.0 to 1.9

Area of application

For sealing electrical installations and pipes in plasterboard walls, solid walls and solid floors. Closure of annular gap around single cables and single pipe penetrations in accordance with national guidelines (e.g. (M)LAR).




Can be stored unopened for at least 18 months if stored properly.

Short description of the article

Fire protection filler, which forms a solid, heat-insulating foam body under thermal influence


Protect from frost! Store in a cool and dry place (+5 °C – +30 °C).

Product name

Intumescent fire protection filler

Foam factor

15 - 26.5

Safety instructions

For further safety instructions, please read the safety data sheet.

Density (+20 °C)

1300 ± 10%

Processing instructions

Apply with spatula. Surfaces must be dry and free of fat and grease.

Processing temperature

+5 – +25 °C



Delivery and packaging

DG-SC - Filler, 310 ml cartridge

Article number




Type of packaging


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