A NBR-plus fireproof wrap from Flamro.
Fire protection wraps & bandages


Intumescent fireproof wrap made of flexible glass filament fabric composite building material for non-combustible pipes and lines with combustible insulation components. The wrap has an intumescent fire protection coating on one side and is pre-slit lengthwise in the middle for easy separation.

Use: NBR-plus fireproof wrap is suitable for sealing non-combustible pipelines with combustible insulation.

Areas of application

NBR-plus fireproof wrap is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in the area of structural fire protection to seal the following pipes and pipelines:

  • Non-combustible pipes with all customary types of combustible insulation (FEF insulation)
  • Copper pipelines up to an outer diameter of 88.9 mm
  • Steel/cast iron/stainless steel pipelines up to an outer diameter of 323.9 mm
  • HVAC split line combinations


  • Intumescent inner fire protection coating
  • Fireproof wrap pre-slit in the middle and separable lengthwise
  • By separating the wrap, less material is required in the wall
  • Only one wrap is required on the underside of floors
  • New: now also tested for sealing in timber construction


  • High resistance to external influences such as moisture, weathering, and UV radiation (use category X)
  • Surface can be coated over
  • External glass fabric (grey coating) and inner coating that foams up in case of fire (red coating)



Product information

Technical data


Area of application

Fire protection wrap for sealing services with combustible elements (e.g. pipes with combustible insulations)., For indoor and outdoor use



Short description of the article

Flexible glass filament fabric composite building material with an intumescent inner coating on one side. Pre-slotted in the centre for easy lengthwise separation.


Store in dry indoor areas. Protect from pressure loads.

Delivery form

Roll, pre-slotted (2 x 62.5 mm)

Product name

Fire protection wrap


Fabric coated with intumescent material on the inside.

Processing instructions

Apply with standard cutting tools such as scissors or cutter knife. Can be coated over with approved paints based on acrylic dispersion, alkyd resin, polyurethane acrylic and epoxy resin in acc. with EOTA TR 024.

Processing temperature

+5 °C  – +50 °C (< +5 °C reduction of flexibility)


No effect on other building materials such as polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in acc. with EOTA TR 024.

Reaction temperature

Temperature [°C]

150 °C

Comparison symbols

Delivery and packaging


Label size (L x W)



10 m

Product note

pre-slotted 2 x 62.5 mm x 10 m

Delivery form

Roll, pre-slotted (2 x 62.5 mm)

NBR-plus - NBR-plus fire protection fabric, roll, 10 metres, width 125 mm, pre-slotted (2 x 62.5 mm)

Article number




NBR-plus - NBR-plus Brandschutzgewebe, Rolle, 5 lfm, Breite 125 mm, vorgeschlitzt (2 x 62,5 mm)

Article number




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