Two rolls of Flamro lamella mat.
Mineral fibre products

Fireproof lamella mat

Lamella mat KLIMAROCK with mesh-reinforced aluminium foil on one side.

Use: The lamella mat is suitable for wrapping non-combustible pipelines and creating fire protection joints.

Areas of application

Lamella mats are suitable for indoor use as fire-resistant section insulation and protective insulation in:

  • Pipe penetration seals
  • Mixed penetration seals


  • Heat-insulating
  • Sound-absorbing
  • Non-combustible
  • Highly flexible and at the same time pressure-resistant


  • Highly flexible and at the same time pressure-resistant due to a special manufacturing process
  • Has a mineral wool structure with a mostly vertical alignment to the mat level


Technical data sheets / Safety data sheets / Declaration of performance

Fireproof lamella mat

Product information

Technical data


AS quality

Application in connection with austenitic steel

Area of application

For wrapping non-combustible pipes as section or protective fire protection insulation in pipe and mixed penetration sealing systems in walls and floors. Can be applied for designing fire protection joints.

Glow behaviour

No tendency for continuous smouldering

Short description of the article

Mat made of mineral wool with one-sided grid-strengthened aluminium lamination. The lamella mat is heat-insulating, sound-absorbent and highly flexible while being pressure-resistant at the same time.


Store in a dry place.

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Upper application temperature

Mineral fibre side up to 250 °C, Aluminium side up to 80 °C

Product name

Mineral fibre / wool

Melting point

> 1000

Silicone free

Free of paint-wetting impairment substances

Water vapor diffusion equivalent air layer thickness [Sd]

> 200 m


Width (outer measurement)

500 mm

Height (outer measurement)

30 mm


6100 mm

Hydrophobicization (water absorption)

Water absorption

1 kg/m²

Comparison symbols

Thermal conductivity

Temperature [°C]

10 °C

Thermal conductivity

0.038 W/(m·K)

Temperature [°C]

50 °C

Thermal conductivity

0.047 W/(m·K)

Temperature [°C]

100 °C

Thermal conductivity

0,060 W/(m·K)

Temperature [°C]

150 °C

Thermal conductivity

0.075 W/(m·K)

Temperature [°C]

200 °C

Thermal conductivity

0.093 W/(m·K)

Temperature [°C]

250 °C

Thermal conductivity

0.114 W/(m·K)

Delivery and packaging


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Lamella mat KLIMAROCK - Roll 610 x 50 cm = 3.05 m²

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