Five packs and a pail of NOVASIT BM firestop compound from Flamro.
Fire protection mortar

NOVASIT BM Firestop Compound

NOVASIT BM firestop compound is a fibre-free special mortar according to DIN EN 998-2 with particularly high adhesive strength, stability, and low formwork effort.

Use: NOVASIT BM compund is suitable as a firestop sealing mortar for cable, pipe, and mixed penetration seals.

Areas of application

NOVASIT BM firestop compound from Flamro is suitable for the following applications in plasterboard walls as well as solid walls and floors:

  • Cable penetration seals
  • Pipe penetration seals
  • Mixed penetration seals


  • High stability
  • High adhesive strength
  • Suitable for manual installation and pump processing


  • Free of fibres, phenol, and halogen-containing plasticisers
  • One-component
  • Hydraulically curing
  • Resistant to ageing
NOVASIT BM Firestop Compound

Product information

Technical data


Area of application

Used as sealing material for cable, pipe and mixed penetetration sealing systems. Application in plasterboard walls, solid walls and solid floors.


Cement grey


Can be stored unopened for at least 12 months if stored properly.

Short description of the article

Easy processing. Low formwork effort due to maximum adhesive strength and stability


Cool and dry

Product name

Fire protection compound

Safety instructions

For further safety instructions, please read the safety data sheet.

Dry bulk density

≥ 900 kg/m3

Processing time (approx.)

2-3 hours

Processing instructions

Surfaces must be solid, free of adhesion-reducing substances and dust. Absorbent surfaces should be pre-wet with water. The consistency of the mortar must be adapted to fill all necessary building elements without cavities.

Processing temperature

≥ +5 °C


6–7 l water + 20 kg dry mortar ≈ 20 l ready-to-process wet mortar ≈ 20 l volume after curing

Bulk density

1200 ± 100

Delivery and packaging

NOVASIT BM - Fire protection compound, 20 kg bag

Article number



Cement grey

Type of packaging


NOVASIT BM - Fire protection compound, 10 kg pail

Article number



Cement grey

Type of packaging

Plastic pail

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