The System AC Putty joint seal used for the fire sealing of a floor joint and a wall joint.
Fire protection joints

System AC Putty

Fire protection system made of sealant for filling and sealing horizontally or vertically aligned structural joints with fire resistance requirements. Fire-resistant up to max. 240 minutes.

Areas of application

Fire sealing of structural joints in:

  • Plasterboard walls
  • Solid walls
  • Solid floors


  • Simple joint seal made of mineral wool and fire protection acrylic
  • One-sided installation possible
  • Joint widths up to 100 mm

Fire resistance class

Max. EI 240 acc. to EN 13501-2


ETA-21/0108: 1/3/21


  • Easy to apply and smooth
  • Can be coated over
  • Odourless, solvent-free, halogen-free

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