BK-N fire protection pillows from Flamro in various sizes.
Fire protection pillows

BK-N fire protection pillows

BK-N fire protection pads are made of a non-combustible fabric and are filled with special substances that react in case of fire. They foam up with pressure during heat generation. The firestopping pads can be used for temporary or permanent cable penetration seals and is suitable for universal use.

Use: BK-N fire protection pads are suitable for the fire-resistant sealing of structural openings (with electrical cables and lines of all types).

Areas of application

BK-N fire protection pads are reusable and are used in plasterboard walls as well as solid walls and floors. They are suitable for sealing:

  • Structural openings with cables and frequently changing configuration
  • Structural openings


  • Can also be used in plasterboard walls
  • Reusable and versatile
  • Can be used as a retrofitting device
  • Simple additional measures

Used for system


  • Properties of BK-N fire protection pads
BK-N fire protection pillows

Product information

Technical data


Area of application

Sealing system for electrical cables up to max. 80 mm single diameter. For use in solid walls, plasterboard walls and solid floors. Can be used for sealing temporarily or permanently. Especially suitable for rooms with computers since there are no fibres or formation of dust.

Short description of the article

Highly effective, cooling fire protection pillows with little installation effort. The fire protection cushions are designed as permanent insulation, but can also be used only as a temporary solution. They can be used multiple times without restrictions and do not lose their fire protection properties though multiple use.


Store between 5 °C - 30 °C. Protect from frost, moisture and direct sunlight. Keep away from water.

Product name

Fire protection pillows

Safety instructions

For further safety instructions, please read the safety data sheet.

Delivery and packaging


Label size (L x W)


BK-N - Size S, pillow (250 mm × 50 (± 10) mm × 25 (± 10) mm)

Article number




BK-N - Size M, pillow (250 mm × 115 (± 15) mm × 30 (± 10) mm)

Article number




BK-N - Size L, pillow (250 mm × 175 (± 10) mm × 30 (± 10) mm)

Article number




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