The fire protection tape of the System DG-CR 0.7 is wrapped around cable bundles along walls and cable trays.
Fire protection cable installations

System DG-CR 0.7

The System DG-CR 0.7 consists of a fire protection bandage made of flexible and tear-resistant glass filament fabric composite building material with an intumescent inner coating. The tape is wrapped around cables and cable installations.

Areas of application

Intumescent fire protection bandage for indoor and outdoor use as a fire protection measure for:

  • Cables
  • Cable support systems


  • Approved according to FM 3971
  • No need to pre-clean cable installations
  • Easy retrofitting without rework
  • No need to measure film thicknesses
  • Wrapping of photovoltaic system cables for routing over fire walls

Fire resistance class

IEC 60332-3-22 cat. A for 120 GOST IEC 60332-3-22 cat. A for 120 Certified for FM Approval Class 3971 IEC 60331-21 up to 180 min for various cable types and voltage ranges Building material class B-s1, d0 acc. to EN 13501-1


ETA-24/0402: 6/26/24


  • Intumescent inner coating and resistant outer glass fabric
  • Particularly flexible material
  • Can be coated over
  • Weather-resistant – indoor and outdoor use possible
  • Resistant to moisture, freeze-thaw cycles, and UV radiation as well as various oils and chemicals

Installation video: System DG-CR 0.7

The DG-CR 0.7 system is an intumescent fire protection bandage for cable systems. It prevents ignition or flame propagation and ensures functional integrity for various cable types. The DG-CR 0.7 system is tested in accordance with IEC 60332-3-22 and IEC 60331-21 and is approved in accordance with the requirements of FM Approval Class Number 3971.

System DG-CR 0.7

System information

Data line

Cable bundles Ø

Cable Ø


Cable support system


Required products

Metal tension band - 100 lfm, Breite 20 mm, Dicke 0,2mm

Article number


Verschlussklammern - 20 mm, Paket à 1.000 Stück

Article number


DG-CR 0.7 - Protection wrap, roll 20 m

Article number


Metal tension band - 100 running meters, width 15 mm, thickness 0.2 mm

Article number


Closing clips for metal straps - 15 mm, package of 1,000 pieces

Article number


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